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In our company, R&D is a very important department. It is directly supervised by our general manager.

Our R&D is a 5-person-team, 2 engineers, 1 designer, 1 salesman (who comes from sales Dep. and is responsible for gathering information of new products and requirements from customers).

It’s direct supervisor—our general manager will personally confirm the new project, supervise the planning and processing and evaluate the result.

In the past years, the R&D department has focus on facilitating equipment and enhancing the capacity, and improving the automation of the equipments and the quality of products. Now we have gained satisfied results.

From now on, we will concentrate on the development of new products. For example, sandwich panel with differents layers, such as FRP, HPL,Polywood,PC etc..We hope to provide the diversified choice , convenience of use, attentively designed finished products to our customers. Ultimately the aim is to create our own fashion and unique brand.

Another main task of R&D is to offer technical data to Marketing Department timely. At the same time it needs to help the company constantly perfect the quality control system.

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