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pc honeycomb core

PC Honeycomb Core Strengthening
polycarbonate, honeycomb, core strengthening
A non-conductive honeycomb shaped PC (polycarbonate) composition exhibits a unique cell structure. The core has 3 orientations vs. the 2 orientations common with other honeycomb, making its properties more uniform. Each cell has a tubular form and is inherently stable.


Excellent dielectric properties Good thermal and electric insulator
Conductive grades available
Heat isolation Moisture, fungi and Corrosion resistant
Sandwich skins can be melded to core
Effective use temperatures range -40° to 230° F (-40--110℃)
Small cell sizes at high density configurations

Ideal for low temperature settings such as wind tunnels and refrigeration units
Solar water heaters and other water equipment
Sandwich cores
Radio transmission tower or antennae cover
Energy absorbing structures
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