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Why choose honeycomb panel?

Honeycomb panel is composed of two pieces of thin panels, boards are firmly bonded on a thick layer of both sides of the honeycomb core material made of, also known as the honeycomb sandwich structure.Honeycomb core material is impregnated with synthetic resin (PF,polyester etc.) of kraft paper, glass cloth and an aluminum sheet,processed sticky synthetic hexagonal (honeycomb) hollow one-piece core material. The core plate thickness is usually in the range of 15~45mm; the cavity size around 10mm. The commonly used panel for the impregnatedresin kraft paper, glass cloth or without resin impregnated plywood, fiberboard, gypsum board, etc.Panel must be used in adhesives and core material suitable firmly bonded together.

Characteristics of  honeycomb panel is strength to weight ratio, average load, strong pressure resistance (failure pressure of 720kg/ square meters), low thermal conductivity, good shock resistance and no deformation, light, sound insulation effect, after the paper honeycomb core processing chemical glue impregnated not easy to moth eaten, good elasticity (for honeycomb core the structure of honeycomb paperboard in different degree, which makes its elastic range, have strong earthquake resistance), is a best decoration wood materials.

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