Why choose us

1.Our company is a private-enterprise with a 15-year history.

We have the spirit of hard work and do the job diligently, we also use our wisdom and sincerity to win our market.Now our products lead us towards the international market. We sincerely hope that we could be your best supplier.

2.We have been trying to improve our production equipment, epand our production capacity, and we always take attention to the development of new products.We want to ensure that we could be still based on the market and have sustainable development when labour is breakthrough.

The city our company located in is one of the important industrial cities in northern China, and it is also the China's third-largest container terminal. This allows us occupy a lot advantages either in domestic or international business.

3.We all love honeycomb materials career, because widely using honeycomb materials can save  resources and protect the environment.

We sincerely look forward to providing you with satisfactory products and services.




Why choose us

Our Factory

 We have 2 factories, one is responsible for the production of hardware tools and the other is responsible for producing plastic honeycomb panels. Although they each have their own products, but the equipment improvement ,the extension ,the research and development of the plastic factory are all based on the machinery.

The headquarter of our company is located in the city centre, where is in charge of the command and management of the factory works.
In 2009, the company passed the 9,000 certification, after that the factory has been used the system to manage production and guarantee the quality of productsWe have 2 plants one is machinery another plastic Machine workshop is not only protect the plastic production shop running efficiently, but it is also the new plastic honeycomb composite development-foundation.
Our Factory

Packing and delivery

Lead time

Normal: 5-15 workdays for a 20 gp




Plastic stretch film wrapped surround,
top & bottom clamped plywood sheets finally 
fixed on a pallet. 
Your specific requirements are also be concerned.




Packing and delivery
This is the official website of Qingdao Achieving Honeycomb Core & Panel Co., Ltd., which is the professional and large-scale producer of plastic honeycomb panels. Qingdao Achieving Honeycomb Core & Panel Co.,Ltd.(Chinese:Qingdao Zhixincheng Honeycomb Panel Co. ,Ltd., )is a high-tech private enterprise and engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing plastic honeycomb products and composite panels. The website introduces Polypropylene honeycomb and Polycarbonate honeycomb panel, which are new materials supplied to domestic and overseas market.

Company Organizational Structure

In a such complex economic society, our company's management organization is simple and clear.

The simple management structure is good for  leaders to directly know about the real situation of company running and effectively monitor and improve all aspects of work, which is conducive to promoting the development of the enterprise. Meanwhile ,the simple and efficient management mode can save energy and cost, which could be contributed to R&D , reducing the price and servicing customers better.

We hope our management mode could be approved by your choosing our honeycomb products. We promise we will provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices.

We are concerned about any aspect of your order process and the services related.

Any complain and suggestion please inform our general manger straightly: admin@honeycombcn.com 

Meanwhile, you can let us know your new enquiry by it and get your previous order information, such as the contract number、the order date、the Po No、the Art No. etc.

Mr. Bill.Wang is willing to build a reliable, win-win and long-term relationship with you.






Our company is founded in 1999, entered plastic honeycomb industry in 2003 and marketing on the Internet in 2008. Our Company Authentication on the web is verified by the third party verification agency ZD Info.

We also have passed the onsite check by Alibaba.com, where we are a 4-year golden supplier member. Our related information can be searched on search engine, or Alibaba B2B platform.



 Your trust and our efforts will make us to success



In our company, R&D is a very important department. It is directly supervised by our general manager.

Our R&D is a 5-person-team, 2 engineers, 1 designer, 1 salesman (who comes from sales Dep. and is responsible for gathering information of new products and requirements from customers).

It’s direct supervisor—our general manager will personally confirm the new project, supervise the planning and processing and evaluate the result.

In the past years, the R&D department has focus on facilitating equipment and enhancing the capacity, and improving the automation of the equipments and the quality of products. Now we have gained satisfied results.

From now on, we will concentrate on the development of new products. For example, sandwich panel with differents layers, such as FRP, HPL,Polywood,PC etc..We hope to provide the diversified choice , convenience of use, attentively designed finished products to our customers. Ultimately the aim is to create our own fashion and unique brand.

Another main task of R&D is to offer technical data to Marketing Department timely. At the same time it needs to help the company constantly perfect the quality control system.

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